10 Best Launch Games For The Nintendo Wii, Ranked (According To Metacritic)

The Nintendo Wii. Back when motion controls were the most significant thing since triggers. It spawned a mini craze that both rivals Microsoft and Sony wanted to join in on to get a chunk of that market share.

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Even though it was an odd naming convention by Nintendo, The Wii sold incredibly well in its lifetime. It's strange to think that a tiny white box released in 2006, with hardly any power at all, managing to sell a whopping 101 million. It's safe to say that the codename for the Wii, the Revolution, was the perfect name for it.

Now out of the few launch titles, the Wii had what were the best?

10 Excite Truck (72)

Excite Truck was an arcade racing title that was developed by Monsters Games Inc. The perfect way to describe this game is image ExciteBike in 3D but with Trucks.

Now, most people, when playing games, can get fully immersed into a title and think that by leaning their body or by turning the controller, it helps. Well, that's how you play Excite Truck, the Wiimote is the steering wheel. Turn it left to go left, right to go right, and in mid-air go nuts with waggling with a turbo boost on landing.

9 Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (73)

Back then, Marvel was massive, and it's grown even bigger to this date. Being able to play as a plethora of Marvel characters was whimsical, especially in an action/RPG title. Play as favorite characters, level them up, then fight against levels of foes, and even some evil villains who are coming to take you down.

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However, it gets better when it's possible to make up your very own team of Super-Heroes, from a roster of 20. You also have a bit of player freedom here, as you can level up everyone by yourself, or only level up who you want and let the computer do the rest.

8 Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz (74)

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz is a platforming puzzle game where you have to control a monkey inside a ball while collecting bananas on a level that turns when you do.

However, a new feature was thrown into the mix using the unique motion controls of the Wii, a jump. This adds a risk-reward element into the game, as it's now possible to jump over traps/holes and the like, but it will also make you more prone to fall off.

Another feature this game has added in, is boss fights, which is an entirely new addition to the franchise.

7 Elebits (75)

Elebits was truly a hidden gem of a launch title. Though in all honesty, being up against the latest Zelda title, anything will be lost in that game shadow. The premise of Elebits was quite simple, as it was a game of hide and seek, searching for these little creatures, of course, known as Elebits.

Using the Wiimote, players had to interact with each levels interactable environments. By pushing things, lifting, even throwing things around to find these colorful little things. The more Elebits that were found, the more abilities were gained to capture them. A very simple title, but remarkably enjoyable.

6 Wii Sports (76)

The spectacular fun multiplayer title, Wii Sports. This more or less came with every Wii console bought and is truly a gem of a game. Playing alone, it's one of the weakest titles, but playing with a group of friends its a delight.

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Play such games as tennis, basketball, bowling. Every game uses motion control technology, so no more sitting back on the sofa. Make some space, and get fully into the enthusiasm that Wii Sports can provide.

Like Elebits, this game is incredibly simple, and it's easy to play. It even appeals to non-gamers that want to give it a try because it's not complex in any way or form.

5 Rayman Raving Rabbids (76)

This title brings Rayman to light in an extremely different way. Usually, Rayman is a pretty tricky platformer, gaining new abilities as you progress through the game.

However, with Rayman Raving Rabbids, our beloved Rayman has been kidnapped by these weird Rabbids, and he must complete in a series of mini-games every day to escape. This is the first game the Rabbids have made their appearance in.

The game is entirely playable single-player, but multiplayer is where the fun truly shines. Rayman Raving Rabbids is at its best as a party game.

4 Trauma Center: Second Opinion (80)

In Trauma Center: Second Opinion is a mixture of both a surgical simulation and a visual novel. You handle intricate medical operations in first-person using the Wii's motion controls. Now, this sounds simple enough, but it's actually pretty difficult, as you are marked on the quality of the procedures you make. Making an incision with a Wiimote that in this situation is a scalpel, isn't all that easy.

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There were two places for this kind of game back in the day, the DS and the Wii. Trauma Center: Second Opinion is a remake of the DS game, Trauma Center: Under the Knife. And of course, on the DS game, you had the stylus and the touch screen instead of motion controls. No other console could replicate this kind of gameplay.

3 Madden NFL 07 (81)

Now a sports game on the best games launch list for the Wii, that has to be incorrect, right? Nope, Madden NFL 07 was a stellar title for the Wii at launch. Most people had played a sports game before motion controls existed, but what could this new take on it genuinely offer?

Well, the control scheme for the Wii version of Madden really brought to light something new and unique. Scoring goals by the flick of the wrist. It was an extremely innovative move by EA Canada, and it paid off exceptionally well.

2 Warioware: Smooth Mooves (83)

This title is a selection of zany mini-games, but now with the innovation of the Wii, it has brought it to new heights. These mini-games are not slow placed in any way or form. They are all high octane quick thinking games, do something now, or fail. And because you acted so fast, you probably failed anyway.

The Wiimote brought new games into the mix, as some games would make you change how you held the controller. So not only did you have second to figure out what to do, but you also had to figure out how to hold the controller— one of the best local multiplayer experiences of the Wii.

1 The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (95)

And of course, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. What other game could be here? Fans were waiting years for this release, as it was initially only going to be released on the Nintendo Gamecube. Yet, it got delayed and came out for the Wii as a launch title as well.

However, if you played Twilight Princess for the Wii, the whole game is flipped, as well as Link being right-handed. This was because the majority of people are more right-handed than left, so using the Wiimote as a sword in the right hand felt more natural. But the Gamecube title, had Link has a left-handed and the world was how it was initially, unflipped.

The controls were decent and would have been better if the Wiimote wasn't connected to the Nunchuck by a wire. But the bow controls, we're sublime.

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