Epic Games Arguing with Analyst Over Fortnite Earnings

There's no denying that Epic Games' Fortnite is a smash hit, with the game regularly shattering records– including making the most annual revenue in gaming history. However, fads do drop off over time, and according to a new report by SuperData, a video game market research company, Fortnite's revenue is in decline– though Epic Games seems to disagree.
Last month, a SuperData report stated that Fortnite's earnings had "continued their gradual decline and hit the lowest numbers since November 2017." However, according to an Epic Games Spokesperson, that report is "wildly inaccurate" and based on what Epic believes is "questionable" methodology. The Epic Spokesperson went on to say that the SuperData didn't have access to Fortnite's earnings, and, therefore, couldn't accurately asses the situation.
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Since Epic's initial rebuttal, SuperData has responded, with the company stating that it has a "proven methodology and verification process," and that it will stand by its numbers. SuperData regularly publishes market analytics, and it isn't often that companies directly dispute those claims. There are serious repercussions for Epic, however, as incorrect numbers could damage the company's stock.

To truly verify Fortnite's earnings, Epic would have to release all of its data, which would lead to quite a bit of scrutiny by market research firms and, of course, gamers. However, Epic doesn't publish earnings data for Fortnite, and it doesn't seem like SuperData's report will change that. The company did say, however, that SuperData's numbers "do not align with reality."
The squabble between the two companies doesn't seem like it'll go much further, though it d0es have the potential to get interesting should either party continue to elevate the disagreement. Epic calling SuperData's methods into question could lead to some pretty hard data being released, and it would be interesting to see how Epic would respond.
Declining revenue or not, Fortnite is still incredibly popular. Fortnite Season 2 Chapter 2 recently kicked off, with plenty of the game's fans now finding themselves with a lot more to do in the game. Even if it is in decline, players will likely still be hearing about it for years to come.
Fortnite is available now for Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.
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