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Fire Pokémon may just be the most popular of the Pokémon franchise — lucky them! They tend to be the cutest of the Pokémon and also have impressive moves. Of course, they're sadly useless against water, but they have many advantages — bug, grass, steel, and ice will all go down fast when it comes to facing one of the fire Pokémon.

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Although this type has expanded greatly as the generations have gone on, the OG fire Pokémon may still be the best. Every one of them that originated in Kanto has something special about them.

12 Ponyta

There's recently been a lot of hype surrounding Ponyta thanks to the Galarian version being released for Sword and Shield. Sadly though, the truth is, there's just not much to make this Pokémon stand out or be special next to the other fire types of its generations. It's very adorable and it can hold its own in battle but next to the other fire creatures, its pretty mediocre. Still, the Galarian form is gorgeous. 

11 Vulpix

Vulpix has been a fan favorite ever since we met Brock's in the show and it's easy to see why — this Pokémon is beautiful, especially its later forms. But it's still a first evolution and next to the plethora of other fire Pokémon, it simply doesn't hold up when it comes to a ferocious battle.

This isn't to say it's not worth having, though — against other Pokémon of its own level, especially with a type advantage, it'll do just fine.

10 Growlithe

Growlithe is used by Officer Jenny and is a pretty cool Pokémon to have. Again, it's a first evolution, so it's not exactly perfect when it comes to brute strength but much like Vulpix, it's still a worthy addition to any Pokémon party — especially if you're working towards the evolution. It also helps that dog lovers everywhere will adore this Pokémon, for obvious reasons.

9 Magmar

Magmar is nowhere near as adorable as the lower Pokémon on this list, but it is a little more powerful and a little rarer. It's an only evolution — at least for gen one — so in the early games, there's nowhere to go with it. Still, it's made of pure fire and any Pokémon put up against this guy who doesn't have a type advantage is surely going to perish in the flames.

8 Charmander

Charmander is the fire starter and absolutely adorable. In the show, it has a very sad origin story (at least, Ash's does) with an abusive trainer almost causing it to die in the rain. If Charmander's flame is every extinguished, it's in fatal danger, which is worth bearing in mind... though thankfully, this can't happen in the games.

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It's not particularly powerful, but it IS a great Pokémon to have. At least to awwww over.

7 Charmeleon

Charmeleon is not as adorable as its unevolved form, but it is a little more powerful and edging towards a very good evolution, making it a powerful ally to have in battle and giving it the edge on Charmander. It has some slashing moves that are good against Pokémon where fire won't be particularly effective too.

6 Ninetales

The reason Vulpix is worth having, mainly, is Ninetales. Ninetales is a fox-like Pokémon with some seriously powerful fire moves that will go all out for you in battle. It's not the most powerful but it is, perhaps, one of the most gorgeous and elegant Pokémon in the whole series, let alone in just the first generation.

5 Rapidash

Rapidash is around the same level as Ninetales in terms of power and beauty, a horse with flames for a mane. Who remembers Pokémon Snapwhen you could lure one to you with an apple for a picture? She's beauty, she's grace...

If you're looking for a solid fire addition to the team in terms of pure power, Rapidash isn't a bad choice for that alone, even if you don't just want aesthetic.

4 Arcanine

Arcanine's Intimidate ability will cut the attack of other Pokémon, and no wonder — just look at this massive wolf-like creature! One of the strongest fire additions you could have on your team, it's a pretty awesome Pokémon and will make you feel like a badass. It's also big enough to ride, so imagine that creature existing in real life — no wonder the developers gave it the Intimidate ability.

3 Flareon

Flareon is one of the first generation Eevee-lutions and can be achieved by giving Eevee a fire stone. Especially in Pokémon GO, this Pokémon is actually incredibly strong and can be very hard to beat unless there's a much higher level or a type advantage. It is also, arguably, the most adorable of all the Eevee-lutions. Sorry, Jolteon and Vaporeon! Flareon has the edge on not only you, but most other fire Pokémon of its generation.

2 Charizard

The dragon-esque, flying Pokémon Charizard is one of the most powerful Pokémon you can acquire and the reason most trainers choose Charmander as their gen one starter. It can really pack a punch in battle, and has flying attacks as well as fire which give it even more of a type advantage over others! Plus, it can learn the HM 'Fly', which is Pokémon's way of giving players fast travel. Who wouldn't want Charizard?

1 Moltres

The legendary birds had a spotlight shone on them in the second movie, but are also present in a few of the games — well, very few, except for trading. Articuno, Zapdos, and fire bird Moltres are some of the best Pokémon in all of generation one and it's only fair that Moltres tops the list for that alone. Not only is this a powerful fire addition to the team, this bird is incredibly rare regardless of which game you're playing, if it's even available. No classic game has more than one, except for trading.

Aside from that, the Pokémon is absolutely beautiful and perhaps the most graceful of all the Kanto-born fire Pokémon.

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