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The coronavirus has been quite a destructive force in the gaming industry during these past few weeks, from conference cancellations to much more. However, there may be a silver lining to all this for the gaming community in that the production of Xbox consoles seems to be unaffected by the coronavirus.

Microsoft sent out an alert yesterday with relevant information regarding the impact of the coronavirus on its production, including that of its Xbox division. In a news release from Microsoft, the company said that it had projected in January that the revenue for Q2 of this fiscal year for its More Personal Computing division was between $10.75 billion and $11.15 billion. The gap in the projection was large due to the unknowable impact of the coronavirus.

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As per production returning to a rate slower than predicted, Microsoft expects that the revenue garnered during the third quarter of the fiscal year will fall short. According to the company, this is due largely to the negative impact upon Windows OEM and the Microsoft Surface. All other elements of the Q3 predictions, which would include Xbox, "remain unchanged."

Microsoft closes out its new release by stating that it will "act to ensure the health and safety of our employees, customers, and partners." Further, the company shows its sympathy for those affected by the coronavirus and states that it will help out authorities in charge where it can in fighting the impacts of the coronavirus.

The coronavirus' spread and impact has been rather jarring to see, so any information regarding a lack of impact is a bit of a relief. While Xbox was apparently unaffected in Q2 of the fiscal year of 2020, however, other companies have faced direct consequences. For instance, Nintendo Japan sold out of Nintendo Switches due to the coronavirus.

Above the impacts that the virus has had on the gaming industry, it's very important that related authorities work to resolve the issues caused by the coronavirus. Microsoft's offer to provide help is somewhat assuring, as it says that unrelated entities are willing to help solve the issue. Hopefully, the spread of the coronavirus gets eradicated as quickly as possible.

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Source: Microsoft (via GameSpot)

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