Concept Artist Imagines What a Retro Portable PlayStation Would Look Like

What would a portable PlayStation look like if it were designed at the height of Sony’s Walkman era? Well, a bit like Sony’s beloved portable music player combined with a Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP, according to the imagination of artist and designer Dan Clarke.
Sony Playman Concept Art

Clarke, who runs a website displaying his passion projects called Arkotype, has recently added the ‘Sony Playman’ to his creations. “In an alternate reality (That I've made up) Sony released a handheld console in the early 2000s called the Playman which featured a clamshell design and used the proprietary MiniDisc™ media format,” he explained on Twitter.
The imaginary device features a 3.8 inch LCD screen, Memory Stick storage, digital control inputs and a slot-loader for the MiniDisc. A ‘Playman MD Remote’ with an LCD display shows additional game information, which is a nice call back to the days of Sony’s remote headphones. (The ‘compatible titles only’ disclaimer is also a nice in-universe touch).

The design feels authentically Sony, so much so that you could probably fool a few people by claiming it was a secret scrapped project from 2001. Afterall, a MiniDisc-based PlayStation Game Boy is effectively what the PSP, released in 2004, was.

Clarke shared further sketches on his Twitter account, showing early ideas for the design, as well as designs for the actual MiniDiscs that games would ship on.

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